I don’t believe that time is money. I hear people say that all of the time, but it just doesn’t hold water for me. Time is a gift–unmerited and beyond our control. We are guaranteed nothing beyond this moment. It is a gift.

We are fond of saying that we don’t have enough time to do the things we want to (or feel compelled to) do. What foolishness! We have the time! We have twenty-four hours in every generous day! If we find that we are not using that time to do what is most important to us, then the fault lies with us alone. If we truly believe that time is a precious gift (and it is!), then we must be diligent to use it according to our priorities.

What are our priorities? They are easy to recite…God, family, friends. Isn’t it amazing how easily those roll off of our tongues? Does the way in which we spend our time reflect those priorities? If not, we have only ourselves to blame. We are not victims of our own schedules. We are the makers of our days! We make them what we wish them to be by living according to what is most important to us.

Do we hunger for joy? Then let us be diligent to give thanks. Do we crave peace? Then let us choose to forgive. Do we claim a passion for family? Then let us honor them with our attention. Do we see the importance of love? Then let us overlook an offense. Do we yearn for deeper faith? Then let us seek Christ in the pages of His Word.

We have misunderstood the purpose of time. It is not to make a living. It is not to entertain or to placate or to anesthetize or to distract. It is to point other people to Jesus. Our days are best spent giving glory to our Heavenly Father, the Author and Perfecter of our Faith . . . and the Giver of Time.


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