Okay, confession time. I really like caramel. I may even border on loving caramel. It truly makes me happy. I will eat caramel with virtually anything–apples, peanuts, ice cream, graham crackers, sunflower seeds–but my favorite duo is caramel and chocolate.

There is just something about the melty sweetness of chocolate combined with the buttery gooey-ness of caramel. It’s heavenly! We made caramel apples yesterday, and I have just a little bit of caramel leftover. I have been searching my mind for something chocolatey with which to combine that caramel. I could make a pan of brownies, but I don’t really need an entire pan of something. I could run to the gas station down the road, but that just seems so . . . desperate. So, I continue to consider my options. We do have one zucchini left from our garden that I could use to bake chocolate zucchini bread. My neighbor has been wanting some of that anyway, and the recipe does make two loaves. At least that way I would also be serving those around me. Of course, I wouldn’t give them the caramel with it; they’d have to take their bread solo. I do have to draw the line somewhere.


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