Earlier today I was watering my herb garden, which is near to the hummingbird feeder my father-in-law gave us. He gave it to us because he knew how much the kids would enjoy it. We have the feeder right outside our dining room window, so we get to see the birds come and go during mealtimes. They are really something to watch–always in a hurry and often bickering amongst themselves. Although we have enjoyed watching the birds, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with that feeder because it’s so stinkin’ hard to clean. I read articles about how dirty feeders can be toxic to the tiny birds, but I have yet to figure out a good way to really make it sparkle. We still have the five visitors we started with this year, so they’re not dead yet. Anyway, I digress.

As I was watering my herbs, I decided to sit on the back step on the off-chance that one of the hummingbirds would approach the feeder and let me see it up-close. Well, my patience was rewarded. I sat perfectly still, and a female ruby-throated hummingbird came to eat. She grasped the perch with her tiny feet, and thrust her head in and out of the little red plastic flower. I could even see her tongue darting in and out, as though she were licking her lips…er, beak…in enjoyment of the sweet nectar. I was maybe eighteen inches from her, and she didn’t seem to care one bit. So, there I sat, spraying water on my herbs while sitting on the back step, witnessing a miracle. That delicate little bird was no accident. God, in all His splendor, made her. I loved those few moments, and I pray that God brings them to my mind when I’m doubting or when I’m frustrated or even when I’m being selfish. This world is a lot bigger than just me.


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