My Sin

If you could see the effects of my sin on the outside like I can feel them on the inside, you would see deep red lacerations all over my pale skin. Those gouges hurt my heart and every decision I make and every consequence I endure–just like an open wound on my shoulder would affect the free movement of my neck, torso and arm. Here’s the thing, though: When I go to Jesus in the mornings, He greets me with a tender, knowing smile. His eyes hold sorrow for my sins and compassion for my pain. As I talk to Him about my sins, He rubs a healing salve into each wound with His nail-scarred hands. While the pressure kind of hurts, it also feels soooo good–like a deep-tissue massage on an aching back. As I share my heart with Him, He shares His with me–His unconditional love, His neverending promises, the assurances of His plan. When I’m done pouring out my thoughts in repentance, He holds me close and then releases me. I get a glimpse of my heart. The bloody welts are gone. Sometimes, I still feel a tenderness at the site due to the consequences of my actions (a reminder of the carelessness of my sin), but the raw opening has been restored to healthy skin. I’m so humbled by and thankful for His healing. Again and again. It isn’t just me that The Healer restores; it’s every person that goes to Him in repentance. There’s enough of Him to go around. I love that.


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