Stumbling Block

The Apostle Peter had a few low points in his career as an apostle, and I love that we can see these tough spots and see that God used him in spite of them. Matthew 16 tells about one of these times.

When Peter exclaimed that surely Jesus would never suffer at the hands of fellow Jews, Jesus referred to Peter as a stumbling block to Him. Jesus claimed that Peter was more concerned with the “things of man” instead of the “things of God”.

I’ll be honest. I don’t understand a lot of the things of God. They confuse me and overwhelm me. Some of them just plain scare me! In spite of all of that, though, I see that they are rooted in a wisdom, a power and a love that is just beyond my comprehension. I trust Him.

Lord, let me never be a stumbling block to Your Truth. Use my weaknesses for Your gain and somehow let me point others to You even in the midst of my inadequacies.


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