There are entirely too many secrets among the Body of Christ.

The fact of the matter is that we’ve all made mistakes.  We all have regrets.  We have all struggled with sin and its consequences.

Why, then, do we work so hard at pretending that everything is always okay?  Why do we balk at letting others see our scars?

Who are we trying to fool?

Shhh.  Listen.  God is telling you that He will waste nothing if you will let Him.

He will use your past.  Your heartache.  Your humiliation.

He will use the yuck of your mistakes to reveal the glory of your future.  Your future with Him.

This is part of your story–the story of you and God together.  Forgiveness.  Redemption.  Purpose.  Hope.

Share your story when He gently nudges you to share it.  Show the compassion, the forgiveness and the victory that have grown in the place of your guilt, your shame and your defeat.  Show the love to someone else that you wish someone else had shown to you when your days were dark and your heart was hard.

Share the Hope that is within you.

He will waste nothing if you let Him.

Let Him.



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