Blessed by Abundance

I spoke at a women’s conference this weekend on Living From Our Abundance.  I love teaching this class, because it reminds me of my friend, Tia, who first challenged me to take inventory of my abundance–and to then live accordingly.

This class is a call to use the resources we already have–the ones we often ignore because we’re too busy wanting the resources that someone else has.  To be honest, it’s basically a stop-feeling-sorry-for-yourself-because-you-don’t-have-what-she-has-and-get-busy-serving-Jesus-with-the-cool-gifts-you-do-have call to arms kinda class.  (Of course, I don’t advertise it as that because no one would book me to teach it.)

Anyway, as I was pretty much telling these ladies what to do…they started doing it.  In BIG ways!  I saw them loving on each other from their own abundance.  They were hugging each other and saying encouraging things to each other and then coming up to me and hugging me and saying encouraging things to me.  Some of them gave me chocolates.  Some of them shared stories from their own lives.  Some of them offered tissues to the people beside them (we were all crying like a bunch of women).  Some of them held the elbows of the unsteady among us as they made their way to their next session.  One of them even anonymously bought a copy of my book…for five times its cover price.  (I don’t know why she did what she did, but I hope to some day meet her in Heaven and tell her what a gift her sacrifice was to my family.)  This is what living from our abundance is all about–sharing with others what we have for the sole purpose of giving glory to Jesus Christ.  It is a beautiful thing.

Over the next several days, I want to celebrate the abundance I see others sharing.  I will post my observations here, and you are free to share your own observations as well.  This will be a way to look for the good around us, to celebrate what is pure and generous and selfless.  Even on bad days, we are surrounded by abundance!




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