Tip of the Day: It’s Possible.

Prior to going on the air yesterday, one of the Indy Style hosts was a little skeptical of my claim of spending $200/month to feed my family of five. Of course, he is not the first one to express disbelief. I’ve had a few people all but call me a liar–which this gentleman did not do. So, I thought I’d take a minute to “crunch some numbers” as my husband would say to illustrate what a few simple changes can do to your bottom line.Let’s say you had been spending $600/month to feed your family of five and decided to do things a little bit differently.$100 is what you save on restaurant/carry-out food that you used to spend when you didn’t plan ahead for low-cost, healthy meals.

$200 is the 30% average that most Americans waste each month, and you decide to stop throwing away the food that you buy–which means your spending drops by this amount.

$50 is the value of the “free” food you harvested from your garden or someone else’s.

$50 is the amount saved by the times you used self-control and walked away from a price that was just too high at the store.

Balance: $200

Yes, these changes require doing a lot of things differently. BUT, it’s possible. And, $200 a month is not the “holy” number for grocery budgets. You can spend $700 or more and still be just fine–unless you do not have that money to spend…or unless God is calling you to do something different.

It’s possible.


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