Tip of the Day: Cook Ahead!

Yesterday, I told you about the three chickens I plunked in the roaster. Our chicken is waiting in the fridge to be put into freezer meals this week, but you could certainly put it in freezer bags and stick it into the freezer.

After the meat was done and pulled from the bones, all of the bones got dropped back into the broth and cooked overnight for even stronger broth. This liquid is MAGIC for myriad viral bugs. I often add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to the water (for three birds), too, which draws even more nutrients from the bones. I know it sounds disgusting to some of you, but there was a reason our grandmas and great-grandmas used chicken soup as a cure-all. Unfortunately, the store versions don’t always have everything they need to be effective in fighting off the crud.

You can add onions, celery, carrots, etc. to your pot, too, to pack in more flavor. Sometimes I do, and sometimes I just add that stuff when I’m getting ready to use it. The broth can be cooled and frozen or canned for later use.

I got almost a gallon and a half from this batch, which will be perfect for our freezer cooking this week.


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