Tip of the Day: Make Your Own Convenience Foods!

If I want to stick to our budget of $200/month, I don’t have the option of paying for much in the way of convenience foods. BUT, I love having a head start on our meals. So, I make many of my own convenience foods.For instance, I made a huge vat (okay, maybe about 4 quarts) of taco sauce over the weekend. It was cheap, easy and much quicker than a lot of people think (about 10 minutes of hands-on time, plus some simmering). Plus, I was able to control the amount of sugar and salt I put in it. This sauce can be canned or frozen for later use, and it even keeps well in the fridge for a couple of weeks.Other sauces I make to keep on hand are marinara, enchilada (the taco sauce works well as an enchilada sauce, too), salsa, hot sauce and pesto.



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