Broken Cisterns

I am reading through Jeremiah right now. Old Testament prophets are not my favorite Scripture reading for a variety of reasons, but I know that they hold value in building my faith. This time, I am reading through both the NIV as well as The Living Bible paraphrase. I think it’s helping me understand a little bit more of the emotion and circumstances behind all of it. I have been especially struck this morning by chapter 2, verses 11b-13 in both versions. The following is TLB:

“And yet my people have given up their glorious God for silly idols! The heavens are shocked (NIV says ‘appalled’) at such a thing and shrink back in horror and dismay. For my people have done two evil things: They have forsaken me, the Fountain of Life-Giving Water; and they have built for themselves broken cisterns that can’t hold water!”

So relevant for today. What are we trying to hold in our cracked jars? We are broken people–shamed, addicted, hurt, afraid, bitter–and yet we just keep pouring in more of what life has to offer…only to still feel empty.

Jesus came to mend our broken places and to fill our jars with His Perfect Self. If you want to know more about Him and how He can mend broken hearts and fill empty souls, just ask me or someone else who knows Him.


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