Tip of the Day: Even Little Things Add Up.

I try to do one thing every day that is going to make it easier for me to get food on the table for my family over the course of the next few weeks. Sometimes, it’s something as small as cooking a couple of pounds of dried black beans in the slow cooker, browning twice as much ground beef as I need that night or making an extra batch of pizza dough to tuck into the freezer.I have also found that baking three times as many baked potatoes or sweet potatoes as I need right away is helpful. The sweet potato pulp can be scooped from the skin and frozen for later, and the baked potato pulp can be scooped out and turned into baked potato salad while the skins are reserved for some super-yummy-cheesy baked potato skins. I also like chopping up leftover baked potatoes and frying them in a little bit of oil or bacon grease for quick, easy hash browns.


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