Tip of the Day: Don’t be Caught Off Guard by Your Own Calendar!

For the most part, we make our own schedules, so let’s not complain about being too busy. We can still get healthy, low-cost meals on the table in spite of our busy lives if we are intentional about planning ahead for them.

Sunday afternoons are my time to look ahead to the week and to plan accordingly. This upcoming week is an unusually busy one for me, so my preparation will be especially important. I know I will be in Brookville and Laurel to teach Eat Cheap! classes tomorrow, so I need packed lunches and suppers for the kids and me. I will also be teaching an in-home class on Thursday evening, so I will need to have a slow cooker meal or something that can be made ahead of time for my family. And, on Saturday, my girls and I have a special shopping day with my mom planned, which means that coming home to a hot meal in the slow cooker (or that my husband can just put in and out of the oven) will be greatly appreciated!

My goal every Sunday is to make out a weekly menu from what I already have on-hand. The down side to this is that I don’t always get what sounds good to me, but the up sides are healthy meals within my budget that maintain my peace of mind. Plus, I’ve learned that ANYthing smells and tastes wonderful when I’ve walked in the door after a busy day.

And, if planning ahead doesn’t reduce the “crazy” in your schedule, maybe it’s time to prayerfully consider cutting some things out of your schedule. Life is short, my friends; no need to live it at warp speed!


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