Holiday Tip of the Day: Set Yourself Up to Succeed!

Traditions are supposed to work FOR you. If they are working AGAINST you, perhaps it’s time to consider changing them.

For instance, when my children were very small, we had a tradition of buying “Christmas jammies” for them each year for a sweet little photo op. Eventually, this stopped working for us because we discovered that our greater priority was reducing debt. We chose to be content with the delightful hand-me-down pajamas that we would get from friends and relatives and forego the brand-new matching jammies.

We also gave up traditions like making stops at six different houses every Christmas day, playing along with certain Christmas legends and buying gifts for every single person in our families. We replaced these old traditions with new favorites that carry deeper meaning and more freedom for us–like drawing names for extended family gift-giving and adopting a child in Tanzania.

Little changes like these can add up big-time over the years.


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