Biscuit Scraps

Biscuits are a funny thing. The more you handle the dough, the tougher the finished product gets. But, unless you want to waste a lot of dough (potential biscuits!), you can’t just throw out the scraps.

To solve this problem, I just “twirl” my scraps of dough into what I call my “uglies”. I just take the dough that’s left on the cutting board after I cut out my first batch of biscuits and gently twist it into similar sizes of what I’ve already cut. I then bake them along with the other biscuits.

biscuit uglies

Even though we call them “uglies”, we’ve decided that they kind of look like little biscuit flowers once they’re baked. And, all of those nooks and crannies make perfect gathering places for garlic butter or cinnamon sugar. Just sayin’.


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