Tip of the Day: $10 and Under Gifts

The problem with gifts that cost $10 and under (aside from gift cards) is that you can rarely procrastinate and still find what you want.  Planning ahead for great-but-affordable giving takes some time or strategy…or both!

For me personally, guys are tougher to buy for in this price range (unless they’re my own husband or son).  Here are some inexpensive gift ideas from some guys I polled and myself:

pocket knife
work gloves
ball cap
new darts/flights for darts
snacks (nuts, beef jerky, slim jims, candy, sunflower seeds)
hot sauce or barbecue sauce
marinades & dry rubs
car wash coupons or gift basket
mechanical pencils
hand warming packs
jigsaw puzzle
model airplane or car kit
warm hat and/or gloves
warm socks
masculine body soap, lotion, etc.
golf balls/tees
survival kit
ice scraper
skateboard tool
fast food gift card
movie theater pass
growler of craft beer
fishing tackle
local bacon
gas card
grill tool
tee shirt
ear buds
phone cards
car or hunting magazine
devotional or book
pie and ice cream


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