Tip of the Day: Gifts for $10

As I continue to post gift ideas for $10.00 and under this week, I am struck by how many options there truly are in this price range. We’ve covered gifts cards and gifts for guys; now we’ll focus on the ladies. The following are all things I have given or have received that I wouldn’t mind giving or receiving again. Feel free to add your own ideas within this topic below. Later this week, we‘ll focus on theme gifts, homemade gifts and gifts of experiences.

notecards or stationery
gel pens or markers
first-class stamps
chocolates or caramels
ponytail holders, bobby pins, barrettes or head bands
nail polish
gardening gloves
warm gloves or ear band
lotion, lip balm, body scrub or facial moisturizer
cooking or gardening magazine
coffee mug
specialty teas
hot cocoa
flavored coffee
fun, fuzzy socks
pretty/seasonal hand towels
kitchen utensils
recipe cards
card game
real vanilla
fresh fruit
fun baking ingredients and/or sprinkles
notebook or journal
bracelet or earrings
local bacon


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