Tip of the Day: $10 Gifts with a Theme

Sometimes it’s nice to give a gift that caters to a specific personality or theme, but these can get pricey in a hurry—especially if you don’t want to spend much time in making part of the gift yourself. In order to keep these specialty gifts at $10.00, you must plan ahead by knowing what you want to buy and how much you want to spend so that you can keep your eyes peeled for your item in your price range. These are the times I actually pray for God’s favor to help me find just the right something. This list is by no means exhaustive, but here are some inexpensive theme gifts that are always fun to give (and to receive!). Feel free to add your own ideas.

For the Writer
dollar store notecards and gel pens
journal and nice pen

For the Cook/Griller
seasoning rubs/marinades
grill tool and marinade recipes
spices and rub recipes
local meat and homemade rub or marinade
kitchen tool and recipe cards
slow cooker liners and marinades

For the Baker
fun sprinkles and cookie cutters
recipes and seasoning blends
baking chocolates and cupcake liners
cookie dough and colored sugar
parchment paper and cupcake liners

For the Puzzler
crossword, word find or Sudoku book and pens or highlighters
jigsaw puzzle and tea bags or hot drink mixes

For the Family with Kids at Home
DVD and popcorn and 2-liter of pop
card game and bag of chips with dip
board game and bag of pretzels
bubbles, sidewalk chalk and inexpensive kite
balsa wood planes for each family member
travel snacks and juice boxes
fixin’s for a favorite meal
hot chocolate mix, marshmallows and refrigerated cookie dough

For the Girly Girls
nail polish and nail stickers
lip gloss and liner
fun hair ties and/or barrettes
scented lotion and bubble bath

For the Ready to Relax
scented candles
bath salts or bubble bath and a magazine
CD or DVD and chocolate (Watch for sales or shop thrift stores!)
book or magazine and scented votive or tea bag
Pepperidge Farms cookies and hot cocoa mix

For the Crafter
skeins of yarn
scrapbooking stickers and fun paper
craft stamps
craft idea booklet and one or two supplies
colored pencils and notebook
tie dye paints and white tee shirt (Watch for craft store sales on tees OR shop at thrift store.)

For the Gardener
magazine and seeds
garden tool and bulbs
hand cream and garden gloves
rain gauge and seed packets

For the Hunter
hands/feet warmers and orange hat
field magazine and gloves

For the Eater
ice cream with fun toppings
chips, salsa and hot sauce
local bacon and eggs
popcorn and flavored salt
local maple syrup and pancake mix
a variety of dried fruits and nuts

Tomorrow, we’ll cover $10 gifts that require a bit more of your time and effort but are often meaningful for the recipient.


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