Tip of the Day: $10 Gift Ideas

One of my favorite ways to save money on gifts is to invest a little bit of time to make up for my lack of funds. People often say that time is money, but I don’t buy that. Time is a GIFT. And, when we give the gift of our time to someone else, we can really show how much we value them. I am a firm believer that baubles and trinkets often wind up stashed in drawers or on rummage sale tables, but precious memories made and services rendered live in our hearts for a lifetime.

These are $10 and under gift ideas that require a little bit of that beautiful gift of time. These are in no specific order, and this list is by no means exhaustive. Feel free to add your own ideas below.

homemade rolls or granola (or whatever) and handwritten recipe card

thrift store casserole dish with a casserole in it ready for the freezer

cookie jar mixes (I will be posting some of these next week on my website!)

coffee mug and coupon for monthly or quarterly coffee date

pretty pie plate with a pie in it

monthly supper invitation for the first quarter of the New Year

handyman-for-a-day coupon in which you show up a change lightbulbs, clean gutters, pick up brush, shovel snow, tighten cabinet doors or whatever else needs done that is within your ability

maid-for-a-day coupon in which you show up to knock down cobwebs, dust shelves, wash curtains, clean the fridge or whatever else needs done within your ability

gardener-for-a-day coupon in which you divide bulbs, transplant flowers, till the soil, cut back growth, burn leaves or whatever else needs done within your ability

babysitter-for-a-day in which you watch the kids and the parents get to do whatever they want to do (People occasionally did this for me when I was a young momma with three little ones, and it was invaluable. I didn’t have family nearby, and time to myself—or time alone with my husband–was so rare and precious. I will be forever devoted to those folks who ministered to my heart, soul and mind in this way!)

jigsaw puzzle and a date to work on it together

card game and a date to play together

DVD and a date for a movie night

pretty platter with homemade cookies

sampler of dry rubs for a variety of meats

homemade laundry detergent in a pretty jar

loaf of homemade bread and jar of jam

homemade pasta sauce, box of pasta and some garlic bread

service coupons from kids for hand car wash, laundry folding, dish wash, porch sweeping, meal preparation, furniture dusting, etc. (My kids LOVE to give these!)

hand-crocheted scarf or doily

sewing/cooking/canning/knitting lessons (basically sharing your strengths with someone who wants to learn them)

box of home-canned goods (“Summer in December”)


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