You are Treasured

I have seen and heard a lot of people berating other people for making them feel worthless or stupid or ignorant lately. I don’t know why this seems so “in my face” right now; maybe I’ve spent too much time on Facebook! Anyway, what I want to say is this: It doesn’t matter what anyone else says. You are precious. You are valued. You are treasured beyond comprehension by the Creator of the universe. Other people can’t de-value us–just like we cannot de-value them by our impatience, bitterness and slander. When we feel “less than”, it’s because our focus is not on the One who loves us the very most.

I picked up a verse today that I want to put on my living room wall. It says, “Jesus knows me…this I love.” He knows me through and through–good, bad and ugly. He knows I’ve cheated, He knows I’ve lied. He knows I’ve stolen and gossiped and hated. He knows me…and loves me in spite of truly knowing me. The very realization of that makes me yearn to be better. I love the following quote that was shared by my wise friend, Susan:

“May we become women who listen for the voice of Jesus as He speaks new ways into old habits.

May we raise our faces to the fresh wind of the Holy Spirit.

And may we trust Jesus as He takes us in to deep waters, where under His direction, we’ll see amazing results.”

–Glynnis Whitwer 


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