TV Appearances and Other Surprises

Yesterday at this time, I was in the WISH-TV parking lot whispering a quick prayer.  I am not one of those folks who have aspired to work in television, so this whole idea of talking and cooking in front of cameras is a little bit unexpected.  But, it’s mostly fun and most of the people are wonderful.

In the past several months, I’ve had three or four people ask me if, ten years ago, I thought I would be doing what I’ve done in the past year–plant, care for, harvest and preserve a huge garden, publish a book, speak at ladies’ retreats both in and out of the state of Indiana and be a guest on a television show.  Well, the answer is mostly no.  I’ve known since childhood that I wanted to write a book, so that is a dream fulfilled.  The rest is kind of a surprise.  God seems to be keeping me on my toes lately.  Actually, it’s nothing very new.  I had no intention of homeschooling until our oldest was ready for Kindergarten.  I had no intention of being a resource for people who wanted to cut grocery expenses until a friend point-blank asked me to show her how we fed our family for $200/month.  There have been lots of surprises in my life.

There have been bad surprises, too, but, thankfully, not nearly so many as the good ones.  Even while walking through the grief of the bad ones, though, I have been pleasantly surprised by the peace and the joy that come to soothe the journey. That’s grace–smoothing the way in spite of my sinfulness.  Grace isn’t really a surprise, though.  God offers it as a gift to any who are willing to take it.  I sign up daily.  I am greedy for grace.

So, yesterday I was on Indy Style with the goal of helping folks find some freedom in the grocery store by showing them how to feed a family with healthy, low-cost meals.  Today, I’m home with my family being a wife and momma.  Those last two jobs alone will require half a dozen different hats today, but they’re all here in the same four walls with the most remarkable people.  There are no cameras, no big surprises.  But there are a lot of little surprises.  I’m surprised by how amazing this little family of mine is.  I’m surprised by how quickly the kids have grown and how hard-working and patient my husband is.  I’m surprised by how the kids so often mirror their daddy and me (gulp!) and how intentional they sometimes are in mirroring Jesus.  I’m surprised by their gratitude and their delight in the little things and how content they are to play Sorry! and Monopoly and Canasta and Battleship with their old ma.  Maybe “surprised” isn’t even the right word.  Maybe I’m just blessed and surprised by the abundance of these blessings.

God, thank You for this abundance in this season of my life.  Please help me to soak in every moment and to live a life that not only sees and savors the abundance, but also shares it willingly.


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