Out of My Element

I admit that I have felt a little bit unprepared for all of these goings-on with the new calves.  It has been a huge learning curve for me and a big step out of my comfort zone.  For the most part, I have enjoyed this new project and the interest that so many others have taken in it.  However, winter is my coveted season of rest, and I don’t think that I’m getting much of that so far in 2015.  I am hoping that this will change as the calves become a little more self-sufficient in coming weeks, but I think it will probably get worse before it gets better.  We currently feed Little Red Rose and her pal, Buddy, two bottles a day.  If I understand correctly, that will increase to three bottles a day in another couple of weeks.  Hopefully, Wilma (the first-calf heifer who is still expected to calve any time) will be a good momma and take care of her own little one.  I am also praying that she does not wait until the temperatures take another major nosedive before giving birth.  The farmer who owns her mentioned to my oldest daughter yesterday that Wilma looks big enough to be carrying twins or triplets.  Egads!  (Am I on hidden camera?!?)

There are times when we all just do the best we can do.  I feel like I’m there right now.  I just keep doing what needs done and trusting that God will continue to provide me the energy and the wisdom to do whatever needs done next.  This is an excellent time to make sure my decisions are reflecting my true priorities.  These are the seasons in which it is often best to say “no” to a few of the things outside of my home so that I can say my best “yes” to the ones who are my home.

Simple, but not always easy.

In spite of me feeling a little bit out of my element, I am experiencing some pretty amazing things.  Here are three of them:


Early winter sunrises.


Funny, furry faces.


Satisfaction in a job well done.


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