In the Clear

I think we’re finally in the clear with these calves.  For whatever it’s worth, every single one of them looks fit as a fiddle to my untrained eye.  Whether it be via their mommas or via my family, they are all eating quite heartily and seem to have adequate energy and cheerful dispositions.  I haven’t had to call my favorite vet in over a week.  That’s a good thing.


It seems that there are a great many folks who are wondering how in the world we are going to eat these babies.  Well, first of all, they won’t be babies when we eat them.  They will weigh over 800 pounds and probably not be very cute, nor will they smell very good.  Second of all, this is their purpose–to be food for our family.  Third of all, every burger I buy was some cow’s cute baby.  I mean, really.

Don’t get me wrong.  Now that the crisis is over, I will be emotionally detaching myself from Little Red Rose.  I will still care for her to the best of my ability and provide for her every need, but I can’t see me cuddling her in my lap or hauling her up to my living room to warm up by the wood stove any time soon.  That is in the past.  She is a big girl now and needs to start being treated like one.  No more lullabies or nuzzling noses.

Although, I do still scratch along her lower jawline.  She really likes that.

I also like to watch her romp and play and frisk about in her play area in the barn.  She has excellent large motor skills; I think she’s advanced for her age.  I can’t help but feel proud of the exceptional calf she is becoming.  Not to brag or anything, but she has truly blossomed under our care.  Really, though, we’re done with all of the mushy stuff.

Mostly, anyway.


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