Walking Cows

Yesterday was so brilliantly sunshiny that I decided to take a walk around our property.  I bundled up and hollered for my canine walking buddy, Curly, and we set out.

I don’t know why, but Curly loves the calves.  When Red Rose was in the whelping box in our basement, Curly was compelled to go down and check on her every so often.  (Curly mothered over forty puppies in that whelping box; it’s no wonder she felt a connection to any animal taking up residence in it.)  Anyway, Curly loves to go in and visit the calves in the barn, and she and Brisket like to sniff each other through the fence.  Curly is not quite so enamored by the mommas, but I think she understands that they kind of come with the calves.

So, as Curly and I start walking around the pasture, the cows and calves start running toward us.  Curly was beside herself with excitement!  She stood at the fence and watched intently until Brisket got almost right up to her, then Curly took off on one side of the fence with Brisket romping along behind her on the other side of the fence.  Every single Country Haven bovine resident joined in the parade from Smudge down to baby Reuben.  Curly and I walked the cows halfway around the perimeter of the pasture and then back again.  Occasionally, Curly and I would stop to wait for baby Reuben and his momma, Wilma, to catch up.  Any time we stopped, though, this is the look we got from Brisket.


She was not done following yet and impatiently waited until we began again.

I had no intention of walking cows when I started off on my afternoon stroll yesterday, but the cows had something else in mind.  I wonder how often I have set out on one of life’s journeys completely oblivious to who was following me.  Am I leading with the best of intentions or with complete disregard for those who come behind?  Am I breaking the path in such a way that it becomes smoother for those who succeed me or am I making a mess that will cause them to stumble and fall?

I know Curly didn’t set out to teach me any great lesson yesterday, but God certainly used her to make a valid point.  It is a reminder to me that He is all around us–working in the everyday, mundane circumstances of our lives.  I love that about Him.


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