Finding Abundance

The entire premise of this blog is that we all have an abundance of something, and we might as well be intentional about using it to the glory of God.  I know this to be true, because I have “taken inventory”, so to speak, of God’s gifts to me, and I have marveled at His gifts to the folks with whom I rub shoulders.

I don’t know why we are so quick to see the abundance in another person’s life and so slow to see the incredible wealth in our own.  We envy a friend’s ability to sing while ignoring the gift of air in our own healthy lungs.  We gush over some celebrity’s face or hair or build, and we neglect to give thanks for our own marvelous, miraculous bodies.  We wish we could cook like so-and-so and seem to avoid showing sincere appreciation for the fact that we have never experienced hunger.

God’s Word is clear that the more we give, the more we receive.  This promise isn’t in a God-I’m-giving-this-to-You-and-now-You’ve-gotta-give-it-back-tenfold kinda way.  This promise is in a Child-you’ve-been-faithful-with-a-little-and-now-I’m-gonna-blow-your-socks-off-with-even-more kinda way.   It’s God’s way of saying, “Wow!  You’ve done your very best, and I’m so proud of you!  I can hardly wait to see how you praise me with what’s coming next!”

That’s pretty cool.

He doesn’t expect us all to be critically-acclaimed anythings.  He just wants us to be obedient in giving Him glory.  If this isn’t comfortable for you, practice makes perfect.

Start praising Him for even the little things.  I mean, have you ever thanked God for your eyelashes?  Or the windshield wipers working when you need them?  Have you ever given gratitude for a cardinal against a bank of snowy bushes or for the fact that hair grows back after a bad cut?  These things, my friend, are part of His abundance.

Start giving what He calls you to give.  No, I’m not just talking about dropping your tithe in the offering plate, either.  Give of your time to the people you love; stop being so busy.  Stop gazing at that goofy screen and start gazing into the eyes of those who crave your full attention.  Turn off the television and write a love letter to your husband or wife.  Make cookies for a friend who’s had a bad day or shovel the snow off of a neighbor’s sidewalk.  Practice patience.  Show kindness.  Forgive.

Stop focusing on what you do not have and fix your eyes on what is already in your lap.

This is your abundance.


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