bananasThis is two-thirds of what my loving husband brought home for me the other day.  He found a huge box of overripe bananas on sale for $3.50 and apparently thought, “Hey, my wife needs these!”.

Talk about an abundance.

Seriously, though, I appreciate his eye for a bargain.  He knows how much the kids enjoy fresh fruit, and he knows that I will find a purpose for them.  Between what we have eaten out of hand, baked in banana bread, blended into smoothies and shared with a neighbor, we’ve got about three bunches remaining.  I need to hurry up and get them in the freezer before the kids finish them off.

You can keep overripe bananas in the freezer for about a week.  The peel will get black and they’ll look kind of ugly, but they’ll still be good in baked goods and smoothies.  You can also peel them and put them in freezer bags for later use.  Typically, I count on about two average-sized bananas being equal to one cup of mashed banana.  Just label the bag with what you’ve got in it (and when you put it in there) and tuck it into the freezer.  When you go to use them in your recipe, make sure you also add the “water” that separated from the pulp; otherwise, your baked goods might be dry and lack flavor.

I have friends who keep “smoothie bags” in the freezer–leftover odds and ends of fruit that would otherwise be wasted–to blend with yogurt or juice or milk when there’s enough to make smoothies.  What a perfect example of being intentional in using one’s resources!


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