“Managing Your Emotions”

By nature, I am an incredibly emotional person who is prone to very high highs and some fairly low lows. This is something I have had to even out in order to become more stable and consistent in my behavior (and relationships). Don’t get me wrong, I can still tear up during coffee commercials or when I pull out my Grandma Rayl’s measuring spoons to use, but my emotions no longer dictate my perspective on my self-worth, the way other people feel about me or regarding life in general. I have become a safer place for my husband and my children, and my adult friendships have also become more balanced and less emotionally-charged.

Anyway, this has been a long process for me, and I’m still working on it. I always appreciate Dave’s reminders that I’ve “come a long way” and the assurances that he loves me even when I still occasionally struggle to relegate my emotions to the proper place in my life.

At a thrift store recently, I ran across “Managing Your Emotions” by Joyce Meyer. What a powerful read! I kind of wish I’d been aware of this resource 20 years ago, but I probably would not have been interested in reading it. Powerful, powerful truths in this book for the emotionally-charged among us. If you feel “kicked in the can” by your own emotional roller coaster and are ready to make some changes, this book will start you in the right direction. Or, if you’re already made some changes and are now stuck in a lull, this read will motivate you to get back on the path and keep on keeping on.


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