Tip of the Day: Get Cooking Together!

When my kids were little, it was incredibly overwhelming for me to have all three of them in the kitchen with me at once. Because of this, I sometimes avoided having any of them in to help. I do not like chaos, I do not like mess, and (to be brutally honest) I didn’t want the kids underfoot; it was easier without them.

My friend, Ellen, gently but firmly challenged me on this point by reminding me that I needed to “get over that”. She was right. As a momma, my job is to prepare my kiddos for life. Most likely, life will involve some sort of cooking, cleaning and training for them, too. I might as well set the example for them now.

People often tell me that their kids have no interest in helping in the kitchen. My guess is that their children have had no interest in brushing their teeth, eating their vegetables or sharing their toys…but these are still worthwhile disciplines to teach when it comes to being equipped for life.


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