Little Kindnesses

I.  Am.  Miserable.

I look like an actress in a Nyquil commercial.  Itchy, watery eyes.  Red, stuffy nose.  Sore throat.  Chills.  All of these symptoms are mine for the second time in four weeks.  I don’t understand.


My son is suffering from the same blech, and we’ve just kind of huddled up in the living room to wait it out.

In the midst of our bleary-eyed discomfort, I have been encouraged by the little kindnesses shown by the rest of our household.  My husband and my daughters have peeled oranges and juiced grapefruits for us, pitched in to help with our chores and tried to let us rest in relative quiet.  These small, selfless acts bless this momma’s spirit.

They bring to mind the abundance of opportunities with which we have the opportunity to serve those around us.

I hope that, once we’ve recovered, my son and I remember to give back to our family members in a way that expresses our gratitude and love for them.  They have set a beautiful example of going the extra mile.  For that, I am thankful.

Now, back to the couch.


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