I have a couple of friends who do a beautiful thing for me when we’re together.

They turn off their phones.

It’s a truly wonderful gift they give, and it leaves me feeling valued.  Precious.  Heard.

By example, my husband has taught me to never try to scream over the noise in another person’s life for the sole purpose of making myself heard.  I will only wind up with a sore throat.  The longer I live, the more I believe this to be true.  I cannot compete with the relentless energy of technology.  To be honest, no one should have to try.

I am thankful for those who think I am worthy of their undivided attention.  I am thankful that they are setting an example for others that demonstrates the worthwhile habits of making eye contact, listening attentively and taking time for conversation.

One of the surest ways to make someone feel as if they have no value to you is to let them believe that they are not worthy of your attention.


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