Another Hundred Dollars

BIG Eat Cheap! NEWS:

For the past 12 years, our grocery budget has been $200/month for our family of five. This has included food, toiletries, detergents and paper products. From time to time, we have re-visited our budget to determine whether or not it was time to increase it. Each of those re-evaluations has led us to just keep doing what we’ve been doing to the best of our ability–oftentimes with some new provision for our family (like a windfall of produce or half of a deer from a generous hunter).

So (even though we’ve been told that it isn’t possible), we’ve lived on one average income, paying down debt and feeding our family the best we can. We’ve said “no” to luxuries like cable TV, magazine subscriptions, weekly meals out and smartphones. We’ve not wanted for anything, really.

The first quarter of 2015 has been another time of re-evaluation for us. With increasing grocery costs and an increased need for non-food grocery items for our growing family, we have decided it’s time to increase our monthly grocery budget.


Beginning in April, this Eat Cheap! momma will have $300/month to spend at the grocery store! Can you believe it?! This will allow us a good bit more wiggle room in making sure things like fish and tropical fruit remain on our menu from time to time. More importantly, it will keep me from having to figure out how to make my own toilet tissue and other necessary paper products. HAHA!

Thank you SO MUCH to those of you who have helped and encouraged me along the way. I’m eager to see what God has up His sleeve for this new leg of our Eat Cheap! journey.


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