Spring’s First Seeds

I am always thrilled to sow the first seeds of the season into the ground.  There is just something so hopeful about the soil that was frozen solid two weeks ago now yielding to the gentle work of a hoe and rake.  I find great pleasure in sprinkling the tiny remnants from last year’s harvest into damp, earthy furrows and gently tucking them in under their loamy coverlet.  For some reason, the wait until this first harvest of cool-weather crops always seems the longest, and my patience is sorely tested…but always rewarded with at least a little bit of something.

Until then, may the seeds be nurtured with a fine mix of sunshine and rain.  May I continue to find contentment in the remaining jars of last year’s abundance.  And, may my chickens remember their manners and stay out of my garden.

Grow, my little beauties, grow!


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