The Surveyor’s Visit

My husband, Dave, had a surveyor come to the house at 7:30 this morning. Prior to the man’s arrival, I asked Dave if he was bringing the man inside or meeting him outside. Dave said that they were going outside.

I proceeded to sit down at the computer to answer emails with bedhead and still in my pajamas (raggedy sweats).

The guy arrived and knocked at the door. Dave invited him inside. I greeted the man with a smile, then quickly left the room. After the man left, I returned to the kitchen with clothes on and hair brushed. By this time, our oldest daughter, Rachel, was with Dave.

Me: If I had known you were going to invite him inside, I would’ve probably put on some clothes and brushed my hair.

Dave: (not even looking at me) Yeah, I could tell that he was really stressed out by the fact that you hadn’t brushed your hair. He could hardly take his eyes off of you.

Me: (pause) He probably couldn’t take his eyes off of me because of my natural beauty so early in the morning.

Rachel, who had been taking a drink of water, almost blew liquid out her nose while her father blew out this strange, snort-like laugh.

I once heard someone say that everyone needs someone in their lives who is not impressed by them. I think I’m covered.


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