I know that most people consider them a nuisance, but I have come to love dandelions. They are so bright and cheerful (and often readily available)! I haven’t always liked them. As a matter of fact, for most of my adult life, I haven’t given them a single thought. A few years ago, though, I came to appreciate their greatness. You see, they’re the first flowers my children pick for me each year. And, what’s more, my kids often eagerly anticipate their arrival so that they can pick them for me. My kids learned at an early age just how much I love flowers, and they didn’t realize that most people consider dandelions to be weeds. They just saw those fuzzy yellow heads after months of brown grass and eagerly picked them by the fistfuls, clutching them to their chests as they hurried to me with their gifts. Kids see value where most of us do not.

I think God sees us as dandelions. We all know we’re a bunch of weeds, because we know our own hearts as no one else does. Yet God, in all His wisdom and perfection, reaches down, picks us up and holds us close to his heart with love. Wow. God loves even the dandelions.


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