Little Red Rose’s New Situation

Buddy moved out.  There were no hard feelings or anything; it was just time for him to make his own way in the world.  Little Red Rose hasn’t quite known what to do with herself since he left.  She is greatly enjoying the opportunity to eat her meals at her own pace.  When Buddy was around, it was more of a “you snooze, you lose” situation.

As if there wasn’t change enough, Smudge and Brisket, Patsy and Patty, Wilma and Reuben have all gone away, too.  Little Red Rose is all alone.  She won’t be solo for long.  A young steer will soon come to keep her company.  First, though, he needs to be weaned and have a little snip, snip in his nether regions.  (Sorry, little guy.)  We’re going to let our eleven-year-old son name him.  It’s always interesting hear the kids’ thoughts on names.

Our oldest daughter is responsible for barn chores this month, and she’s pleased to discover that they take a fraction of the time with only one calf in residence.  The younger two kids are out in the pasture right now, enjoying the sunshine with Red Rose.

I miss looking out to see our herd (that was never really our herd) grazing on the greening grass, but this is the way it needs to be for now.

To everything there is a season.


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