Celebrating Mother’s Day, Etc.

Sometimes, holidays like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day are salt rubbed in open wounds for some of us. Perhaps our circumstances do not permit us to spend time with these special people, or perhaps these relationships are not as open to celebration as they should be.

Even if these are your plight, I hope you will consider taking these holidays as opportunities to bless someone out of your abundance. Maybe you have been loved on by someone who has invested their time, energy and talents in you. Maybe you have seen a single mom or dad busting their behinds to provide a safe, structured home against some pretty steep odds. Maybe you’ve seen parents struggle to train their children in what is right, saying “no” to their own personal comfort for this season of their lives. Some of you may even know parents who feel like they have failed because of the though choices their children have made. And, maybe it’s time to give the gift of forgiveness to a parent who made some mistakes in their parenting–even though they’ve never asked to be forgiven.

It doesn’t have to be much–maybe a thank-you card, a handwritten note, a couple of hours of free babysitting, a gift card for a coffee shop or even an invitation for a home-cooked meal.

We have all been blessed by SOMEone, and focusing on those blessings will go a long way in taking the sting out of some of the heartache.


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