My Twenty-Minute Mile

Early in the morning, I announce to my oldest child that I am going to walk a heart-pumping couple of miles on the road.  I ask if she wants to go with me; she doesn’t know.  I then inform my second daughter that I’m going to walk a couple of miles on the road, and I ask if she would like to go with me; she also does not know.

As I call my dog to accompany me and head toward the door, both daughters exclaim, “Mom, we want to go, too!”  With incredible delight that they want to go with me, I tell them to get ready.  They do.  I prepare to leave a note for my son, who is still sleeping, to let him know we’ll be home soon.  He then wakes up and eagerly says that he’d like to go as well.  With more incredible delight, I tell him to hurry up and get ready.  He kind of hurries up while getting ready.

As we are once again making our way to the door, my son decides he has changed his mind.  He now does not want to go.  In my incredibly delightful and oh-so-patient voice, I tell him that he does not have the option of not going, because we have been waiting on him.  He is sorrowful.

We head out the door, three kids, one dog, one mom, ready to go for a walk.  For exercise.  On a beautiful morning.

My second daughter decides to take her dog, too, as well as her roller blades.  My son thinks roller blades are a great idea and goes to get them.  The sorrow has passed.  We start down the long driveway, three kids, two dogs, one mom, ready to go for a walk.  For some great cardio exercise.  On a beautiful morning.

Halfway down our driveway, we notice that the cat is following us.  Yes, the cat.  We try to convince her to go back to the house.  She ignores us.  (She’s a cat.)  We set out on the road, three kids, two dogs, one cat, one mom, going on a walk.  For some good exercise.  On a beautiful morning.

We meet our neighbor coming out of her driveway.  We chit-chat for a bit, then go on our way.  En masse.  For exercise.  On a beautiful morning.

Half a mile down the road, the cat is still following.  My oldest daughter offers to just turn around and take her home to avoid drama with our neighbors’ dogs.  She leaves with the cat.  The rest of us continue, two kids, two dogs, one mom, going on a walk.  For moderate exercise.  On a beautiful morning.

The remaining children are on roller blades and decide that, for a variety of reasons, they should stop and rest with one of the dogs.  I keep going on my walk, just my dog and me.  Still trying to get some measure of exercise on this beautiful morning.

I reach my goal and turn around, only to discover that my son has returned home and left my second daughter and her dog to wait for me.  We head for home, one child, two dogs and one mom.  (Is this exercise?)  On a beautiful morning.

Along the side of the road, I discover a lovely piece of luan lumber, ideal for a roadside produce stand sign.  I pick it up to carry it home.  We continue our walk, one kid, two dogs, one mom and a large piece of luan.  Against the wind.  On what is now a beautiful but breezy morning.

By the time we return to our house, I am slightly winded, emotionally drained, and I have a splinter.  I walked 2.5 miles in fifty minutes without breaking a sweat.

It was a beautiful morning.


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