He’s Got This

I’m tellin’ ya, there’s a whole lot of hurt in this world.  I know you already know this to be true for yourself.  It’s hard to live very long without discovering firsthand what a broken, hurting bunch of people we are.

Sometimes, though, the hurt is enough to literally take a person’s breath away.  It leaves us gasping for air and feeling raw down into our lungs and hollow clear down into our gut.  It’s enough to make us feel like giving up.

Please don’t.

Rest.  Re-group.  Re-focus.  Repent.

Lean into Jesus in a way that allows you to feel His strength and His very Presence.  No matter what is going on around you, He is there.  He is solid and strong and so very, very safe.  You are precious to Him.  Never, never doubt that Truth.

He can take on your hurt.  He can shoulder your heartache.  He can scoop up every bit of disappointment and anger and failure and fear and hurl them far away from your heart.  Trust Him.

If you let Him, He has totally got this.


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