Busy Days of Giving Thanks

This is the time of year in which I am exhausted.  I have approximately 92 things that need done every day, and it seems like most of it is time-sensitive.

Get the tomato plants in before they get too lanky.

Plant the pepper plants before the rain comes in.

Pull the weeds while the ground’s still soft.

Water the new plants before the heat of the day.

Mulch the potatoes before the buds set.

Cut the asparagus before it goes to seed.

Harvest the lettuce while the morning’s still cool.

Mow the grass before we are able to lose small children in it.

And on and on it goes.

Today, I am so very grateful for the opportunity to live where we live and to do what we do.  I am grateful for a strong, capable, healthy body with which to do it.  I am thankful for my husband and children who (mostly) join me in working toward our common goals of food on our table and on the tables of our customers.  I am thankful for those precious customers, who have made an investment in our little family and who trust us to grow good things for them to eat.  I am also thankful for hot, indoor running water that loosens stiff muscles and washes away the sweat and grime of another day’s work.  And, at about 9:00 at night (assuming I make it until then), I am mostly thankful for the quiet and rest of passing another peaceful night in our little home.


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