Connie’s Dill Pickle Recipe


This is by far my favorite dill pickle recipe.  I’ve used this recipe to pickle cucumbers, carrots, green beans and even okra.  Not only do the pickles taste good, but this recipe is QUICK—not needing hours (or days) of soaking and rinsing.  Plus, it comes from my friend, Connie, and I just really like her.


To each QUART jar, add:


½ large carrot, cut in sticks (or 4 small carrots)

3-5 cloves garlic

Fresh large flower of dill (or ¼ tsp. each dill weed and dill seed)

Cucumbers (sliced or speared)

¼ tsp. pickle crisp granules

1 jalapeno (optional)


For the brine, bring to a boil:

1 qt. white vinegar

2 qt. water

2/3 c. pickling salt (or a little less)


Pour hot brine over filled jars.

Process in hot water bath for 12 minutes.


Cool & store for three months to let the flavors merry and become delightful.


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