Sauteed Swiss Chard

After a morning of canning green beans, this is one of the “fast foods” I’m cooking for lunch.  You can also use spinach in place of the chard.

2 T. butter
1 T. olive oil
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 pinch cayenne pepper (or red pepper flakes)
big handful of Swiss chard leaves, washed, stems trimmed and leaves sliced
2-3 T. lemon juice
salt to taste

Melt butter in skillet over medium heat; add olive oil and allow to heat.

Add garlic and red pepper; sauté about 30 seconds.

Add Swiss chard and stir until leaves are coated.

Cook a couple of minutes or until leaves are wilted.

Squeeze lemon juice over leaves and season with salt.

Serve immediately.


2 thoughts on “Sauteed Swiss Chard

  1. Certainly easy. Probably good for kale as well. 🙂 I don’t have any Swiss chard, but I would love to try growing it.


    • Kale is a little bit tougher, so it may need cooked longer, but the flavors, I’m sure, would be nice.

      I have started growing Swiss chard because my spinach doesn’t do well. I have really enjoyed it for the past couple of years. Plus, it’s so pretty in the garden and even flower beds!

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