Bribing for Black Raspberries

Usually, black raspberry season is pretty short here in the Hoosier State.  That has certainly not been the case this year.  We have been picking these purple gems off and on for more than a month.  It’s a beautiful thing.

However, due to the rain, rain and more rain, the usual unpleasant picking conditions are bordering on brutal.  Typically, we are only fighting briers, poison ivy, nettles and the occasional mosquito.  This year, the mosquitos are some type of mutant super pests which swarm innocent berry pickers in relentless droves.  It’s nasty.  No commercial bug spray or homemade repellent has consistently worked thus far.  We just cover every body part we can cover with as many layers as we can bear and pick fruit as quickly as we can pick.

Well, my kids have said that enough is enough.  According to them, we need no more black raspberries.

I disagree.  I said that we could surely pick one more time.

They maintained that the “one more time” has already been used.  Twice.

I told them that if God gives us this abundance, He surely wants us to use it.

I reminded them that a really good year of a certain crop often precedes a poor year for that same crop.

No logic could persuade them of the necessity for more, so I switched tactics.

I bribed them.

For another gallon bucket of black raspberries that they help me gather, I will make one black raspberry cream pie today and one canister of homemade ice cream on Friday.  With raspberries for topping.



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