The Adulterous Woman

In the first part of John 8, we read the account of the “adulterous woman”. I love this story, because I have been this woman. In a way, we all have. Every single one of us has stood condemned in the eyes of our friends and neighbors while finding forgiveness in the eyes of Christ. The Pharisees (busybody spiritual leaders of the day) basically called this woman a criminal, and brought her before Jesus for judgment.

When I close my eyes and picture this scene, I see a frightened woman clutching pieces of clothing against her body to maintain some semblance of modesty. Besides the fear in her eyes, I also see outrage; after all, where is her partner in this crime? I can just imagine the panic that is surely under the surface as she fights to maintain some sort of control while her friends and neighbors gather rocks to stone her to death.

Oddly, Jesus takes a moment to write something in the dirt. We don’t know what it was, but it apparently doesn’t really matter. The thing we’re supposed to remember is what Jesus calls this criminal: FORGIVEN. That’s it. No lectures, no guilt trips, no angry, judgmental remarks. He forgives her and tells her to quit sinning. It’s that simple. He offers the same to you and me.

I have found this kind of mercy from Him over and over and over. I have made mistakes that the devil tries to throw in my face on a daily basis. God offers freedom from that trash. If you want to know how this freedom can be yours, just ask. If you have already given your life to Christ and find yourself stuck in the guilt of your past mistakes, get in The Word and claim this freedom for yourself. Jesus intends for you to be living FREE and giving Him the glory.


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