Power Cooking

Yesterday, I hosted a power cooking class in my home.  I have hosted freezer cooking classes before, but they were different in that they took 6-7 hours out of a day versus the 2 1/2 yesterday’s took.  No actual cooking was done during the class.  Guests brought most of their meat already cooked, which was a huge time-saver for the session.  It was also different in that most of the recipes took some culinary shortcuts for that “semi-homemade” approach to family meal times.

I had bought all of the ingredients my guests needed to make 11 meals, plus the freezer containers to take the food home.  I had done all of the planning and then organized work stations around my kitchen and dining room.  My four guninea pig guests and two daughters went from station to station, doing their best to follow the instructions I had posted by using the ingredients I supplied.  They then stuck around long enough to give me some feedback and to do a whirlwind clean-up before carting out their laundry baskets full or future meals.  I also included all of the recipes they made so that they can make them again in their own homes.

First of all, I am so thankful these gals were willing to do this test run with me.  I learned some things that will definitely streamline the process for future classes.  Second of all, I can totally see this class finding a place in clubs, churches and ladies’ groups.  I am eager to begin booking power cooking classes as a means to call folks out of the drive thrus and pizza places and back to their own tables with more nutritious, more cost-effective fare.  This is exciting to me!

I am working up a class description with pricing and will post it under Scheduling Info on this page.  I would love to chat about power cooking with in your neck of the woods!


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