momsrecipesAs I shuffle through decades of recipes from family and friends today, I keep seeing treasured faces in my mind and hearing snippets of conversation in my head.  No, I don’t think I’m crazy (well, that kind of crazy, anyway).  I think I’m re-living part of the legacy that has been left to me.

I know the experts say we should not love on one another with food.  I haven’t followed that rule very well.  I almost cannot help but feed people out of love.  Every time I make a meal that I don’t want to make or go to the grocery when I don’t want to go, it is out of love.  Every time I opt out of the easy in favor of the healthy and every time I make sure that green vegetables have been consumed in adequate amounts, I do so out of love.  I want to provide good food for my family.  I think it’s inherent in my nature.

Then, there’s this thing with wanting to make what my family wants to eat.  I have a list inside one of my cabinet doors of my kids’ favorite meals.  When one of them needs a little extra encouragement or an especially special pat on the back, I sometimes prepare a meal that caters to their specific preferences.  Yes, I understand that this is rewarding my children with food.  No, I can’t say that I think this is not in their best interests.  How can waffles, bacon and eggs be wrong?

Don’t answer that.

As I prepare my first actual cookbook for publication, I look forward to re-living the memories that come with the recipes.  I have been blessed to cross paths with a good many capable cooks, and I am excited to share some of the recipes they have shared with me.


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