Journey of Abundance, Day 1

gourdsPart of recognizing our abundance is intentionally giving thanks for what we have. When we focus on what we lack, then our own perspective will cripple us in effectively living from what we have already been given–our abundance.

We have all been blessed with so much more than we need; we have been given enough to share.  What we pass on to those around us is the legacy that we leave in this life.  We are all leaving some kind of legacy.  We might as well be intentional about what kind we leave.

This month, I encourage you to intentionally leave a legacy of gratitude, kindness, forgiveness and love.  Each day, I will walk this road with you, issuing you a challenge and sharing my own experiences along the way.  We may cross out of our comfort zones from time to time, and we will definitely learn something about ourselves or others that we did not know before.  More importantly, we will make a positive impact on the people around us–by being more selfless, more aware and by living more abundantly.

Today’s Challenge:  Look someone in the eye and tell them why you love them.


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