Journey of Abundance, Day 2

pimplypumpkins“I haven’t seen her in forever, and she lives right around the corner.  It’s ridiculous!  We keep saying we’re going to get together, but with her work schedule and mine, plus our other responsibilities, there’s always something that comes up.”

I listened to my friend’s frustration and smiled with understanding.  I have been in the same boat with some of my own friends, and I have found only one solution:

Get it on the calendar!

Set the date between the two of you and keep it just like you would keep a dental appointment.  If something legitimate comes up to break the date, re-schedule immediately.  Relationships are precious, and they thrive when made a priority.

So, today, I encourage you to get with the person you have been missing and set a date.  You may have to book out three or four months, but having the time set on the calendar will give you something to look forward to even on the gloomiest of days.


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