Journey of Abundance, Day 4

One of the abundant resources that we have is time.  We all have the same 24 hours in every day.  No tricks, no gimmicks.  It is a gift that we have been given, and it is up to us to use according to our priorities.  nestintheleaves

Time is a funny thing, because we all have it, and none of us know for certain when it will end.  It’s also funny, because so many of us complain that we don’t have it when…well, we obviously do have it.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to complain.

In my humble opinion, the precious gift of time is under-appreciated by the majority.  We keep putting off what is important for whatever is in front of us.  It is the tyranny of the urgent–the never-ending hamster wheel that we allow to bleed us dry from every ounce of wholesome energy and worthwhile intention.  We do it to ourselves.

We opt out of how-was-your-day kinds of conversations for ringing phones.  We skip meal times around the table for hurried fast food suppers en route to the next appointment.  We mindlessly scroll through our newsfeeds on social media in lieu of coffee and chatting with someone who is lonely.  We don’t have time to go for a walk, help with a science project, read God’s Word, mail a birthday card, make our house livable, accept an invitation to dinner, build with blocks or call Great Aunt Irene.  We’re.Too.Busy.

Busy doing what?

We are all leaving some kind of legacy.  What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

Today’s Challenge:  Turn off the phone, TV, computer and whatever else distracts you for one evening.  Get the evening on the calendar and make the announcement to the other members in your household.  If possible, get everyone else on board.  If you’ve got little kids, play, read and make merry.  If you’ve got older kids, involve them in the game plan to take Grandma & Grandpa out for ice cream or rake leaves for a neighbor and then make caramel corn or nachos or something fun for them. (Yes, they’ll probably balk.  They love their gadgets.  This is an opportunity for you to give them the whole “time is a gift and we don’t know how much we have” spiel.  Be sure to count eye rolls.)  If it’s just you and your spouse…umm…be creative.  If you live alone, do some of those things you’ve been wanting to get done or spend some long-overdue time with a friend.

Make life count!


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