Journey of Abundance, Day 6

My mom was filling in at a small-town post office a couple of years ago when one of my old schoolmates walked in to buy stamps.  As they chit-chatted, Mom discovered that the woman’s oldest daughter had just graduated from high school.  The woman was buying stamps for her daughter’s graduation thank-you notes.

“You know, my daughter thinks I’m old-fashioned.  She says that none of her friends are hand-writing thank-you notes and that it just takes too long.  I told her to think about how long it took people to drive to her graduation or open house, to shop for a gift or to work for the money that they gave her and then consider if writing thank-you notes takes too long.”

After an “attagirl” or two from my mom, the woman went on her way.  Mom told me about the conversation later, and I’ve often thanked God for my old friend and her commitment in teaching gratitude–even against the grain of the culture.

Challenge:  Write a note of thanks to someone.  It can be a gift you’ve been given, a service you’ve been rendered or even some encouragement you’ve received.



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