Journey of Abundance, Day 7

webbyOne of the most beautiful gifts my husband has given me throughout our almost-twenty years of marriage is his silence.

Don’t get me wrong…he does actually talk, and I enjoy many of our conversations.  But, unless he has something that he deems worthwhile to say, he pretty much stays silent.

This is a good thing for a number of reasons.  First of all, it gives me much more space to talk, talk, talk.

Second of all, with three kids in the house, we can’t really hear each other anyway.

Third, he has said few things that he regrets.

(I wish I could say the same for myself.)

I don’t know how many times my husband has swallowed criticism, petty complaints or unkind words, but I’m thankful for every single one of them.  These opportunities have grown my confidence, given me courage to try new things and freed me from the mental and emotional battle of hearing those tapes play over and over and over in my mind.

So, in honor of my wise and silent husband, today’s challenge is:  Bite your tongue.  You may be right, but mentioning it may be wrong.


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